New Show!

I’ve just added a last minute show to the October roster.  This Saturday I’ll be at the Whistle Stop from 9am to 4pm in Old Elkhorn.  There will be several vendors with lots of antiques/primitives and awesomely old-looking stuff.

I’m super honored that they invited me (non-furniture/primitive person) to join them.  Laurie has been just awesome to work with, and I’m really excited to get to do some shopping as well 🙂

Also, thanks for all of you who came by Millard West last Saturday.  I know, I know, it was sort of an awkward little corner next to the ENORMOUS display, but things went well enough.  I got to meet a lot of other crafters and I learned some valuable things for next year.  (Lesson #1: Calm the Hell Down–I’ve been working on this lesson for over a year now, but it keeps smacking me in the face.)

I’m optimistic that I will be less of a klutzy basket-case this week.  It will help that:

  • It’s not the first show of the season.
  • It’s not my first craft show.
  • It’s smaller.
  • It’s not the same day as Angel Flight.
  • Did I mention it’s not the first.

Oh to be growing up.


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