New Morse Code Jewelry

I must say a HUGE thank you to all of you who helped me launch my new line of Morse Code Jewelry. I started with necklaces in the fall and they were a smashing 20161129_090856success. Even more humbling was the number of you who contacted me after my last show at Millard South to request custom pieces for your loved ones at Christmas. There is nothing I love more than making unique, personal jewelry!

Your enthusiasm got me thinking about how else I could put meaningful messages onto pretty, pretty things, and this spring, I launched the second wave of my new line: Morse Code Wrap Bracelets. I’m so excited about these. I’ve been rotating wearing three of them depending on the day:

  • Silver Story Wrap: She Refused to Let Go of the Balloon That Tethered Her to Her Dreams
  • Black Leather: Kick Ass Mom
    With Added Charms: “Here Comes Trouble” Heart, and A Little Silver Sparkler
  • Metallic Lavender Leather: Just Another Gorgeous Nerd

Most days I end up stacking at least two of them!

I’ll be working hard between now and next fall’s craft season to get a stronger online store ready for you. It’s a lot of work between designing new pieces, photographing them, and getting things posted online, but in the meantime, you can click on the Morse Code Jewelry link up top to see styles and pricing and email me to order custom pieces!

I get in new leather and new charms regularly, so if you are looking for something specific, let me know. If I don’t have it, I can probably find it.

Next fall, I’ve got four big show lined up, and I can’t wait to see you all there!

  • October 21st: Skutt Chic Boutique
    I’ll be the first booth you see when you enter the main gym from the main entrance off the big parking lot!
  • October 28th: St. Wenceslaus Boutique
    I’ll be the first booth you see when you enter the gym from the outside. I’ve got a double booth on the endcap of the aisle.
  • November 4th: Millard West Craft Fair
    I’m in the commons with a double booth in the aisle that faces away from the gym.
  • November 25th: Millard South Craft Fair
    I’m in the gym with a double booth down the second aisle when you enter from the commons.




We’re BACK!

The shop is back after a 2 year hiatus to have a baby and then try to regain some sanity!  We’ve got a new name and some new products that I’m really excited about in addition to the handmade custom jewelry you love. We’re looking to do a handful of craft shows this fall in addition to teaching classes, so check out the whole website to see all of our new offerings.

New Name: Sassy’s Cards and Gifts
“Nothing Says I Love You like Handmade and Inappropriate”

Upcoming Shows:

  • St. Wenceslaus, Saturday, October 22nd (confirmed)
  • Millard West, Saturday, November 5th (confirmed)
  • Millard South, Saturday, November 26th (tentative)
  • St. Thomas Moore Peddler’s Market, Wednesday, November 30th (confirmed)

New Products:

  • Sassy and (slightly)  inappropriate handmade cards
  • Beautiful but more appropriate cards (sigh) for when you just have to
  • Chapstick Holders
  • Leather Mini Wallets
  • Sassy Bookmarks
  • More! More! More!

See the “Cards” tab for date and registration information.

  • Sassy Birthday Cards
  • Holiday Cards
  • Thank You Cards (for when you really mean it!)

Holiday Open House!

It’s TIME!  My Holiday Open House is this Sunday, December 9th from 12-5! Come join me for cookies and cheer and, of course, great holiday shopping 🙂  ‘Tis the season to give, so I’ve got all kinds of things on sale:

  • $5 Glass Pendants
  • $5 Dip Ship Bowls
  • Vinatage Collection Necklaces 2 for $25
  • Silver Whimsy Necklaces 2 for $25
  • Hand Crocheted Wire Necklaces $22
  • Plus clearance prices on THE LAST OF MY KICKASSEROLES dishes, hair flowers, tiny paintings, and a variety of paper products.

Papier Mache Repair Shop Open House December 2012

Fall 2012 Shows

I’ve run into some of you at craft fairs already, and it’s been a great start to the season!  Here are the other four shows I’m signed up for:
Saturday, November 10th: Offut Enlisted Spouses Craft Show 9-4 at Bellevue University

Sunday, November 11th: Morton Elementary 10-4

Saturday, November 24th: Millard South (Confirmation Pending) 9-4

Wednesday, November 28th: St. Thomas Moore 5-9

I’m also on the wait list for Papillion LaVista South on November 17th, but we’ll have to see.  It sounds like there may be quite a wait list. Stay tuned for an update on the winter open house.  It’ll be in early December, and I’ll have all my favorites from the season on Holiday Sale!

Experimentation: Jewelry

I’ve been playing with more new ideas for the shop!  I love the vintage junk jewelry I’ve been making since August, but I’m looking to broaden that vintage feel.  The short version is: I heart pearls. And metal.  And Steampunk.



This is my first attempted at curling and annealing metal.  Success!  The beads are a strung onto a wire with simple loops on either side.  The rest is the tricky part.  There are six small brown beads with wrapped loops on either side.  The wrapped loop beads are connected with small curlicues that I’ve annealed (hammered flat) to strengthen them.  I was really surprised at how much sturdier the clasp was after that.


These are wrapped wire rings with freshwater pearls and glass pearls.  This is my first attempt and I learned a lot.  I have a ring mandrel but it’s plastic, so it helped to form the rings, but I’d like to anneal these as well, so I’m on the hunt for a metal mandrel.  🙂


Kablam!  Steampunk Heart Pendants. These are made out of polymer clay with watch workings and an assortment of metal tidbits. I’ve left a thread hole at the top that (cross your fingers because I didn’t measure or check) is big enough for a thin chain, or at the very least, strung wire. The largest is about two inches, top to bottom, but most of them are an inch to an inch and a quarter. Oh sassy vintage/anime-meets-craftiness goodness, how I heart you.

Twice in one day…this is gettin’ out of hand…

And here is the post I originally came here to write:

The long dark days of winter are approaching, the two sludging months of February and March that come between the Super Bowl and Opening Day of Baseball. I didn’t realize my seasonal crankiness was sports related for years, but it is clearer to be this year than ever before. Winter is hell.

I’ve made a few friends amongst the crafties this fall and they look at me like I’m nuts.  I tell them I only missed two Giants games last year and they have no idea that means I watched 160 games between April and October, and that doesn’t count any of playoff games or the Diamondback games (when things got tight at the end of the season).

Why do I love sports? They’re magical. And I love baseball the most. It’s a game full of belief and superstition. It’s a game of counting absolutely everything.  It combines my two sides: the tightly wound/super organized/workaholic and the creative/happy-go-lucky/tongue-in-cheek smartass.

I spend hours crafting, making jewelry and notebooks, designing new patterns, while sitting in front of a game I’m kind of watching.  The good thing about baseball is that if something important happens, they show it to you fifteen times while they’re waiting for something else to freaking happen.

The latest pearl and ribbon necklaces I posted were made while watching college bowl games.  You had no idea. Anyway, if you have suggestions of what I should watch in the background during the drought, let me know.